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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. On this page you will find information detailing what your child will be learning this year, along with useful information and updates to ensure a successful final year at SMCA.

Please continue to use ClassDoJo to contact staff and keep up to date with exciting opportunities and experiences.

PE Day: Thursday (swimming will alternate each half term in Autumn).

Our September Year 6 Information Presentation can be found here:

Trips and events

Harvest festival: 19/10/23

Remembrance assembly: 10/11/23

Children In Need: 17/11/23

Elf Run: 15/12/23

Class Dojo

Please download the free 'Class DoJo' app and enter the unique code given to you by your child's class teacher.

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Curriculum Overview: Autumn Term



We follow the Pathways to Write and Pathways to Read schemes. In writing, in Autumn 1, we will explore the book ‘The Place For Me’. Our outcome will be to write a non-chronological report focusing on the use of modal verbs and adverbs of "possibility" in our writing. In Autumn 2, we will be reading  ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’, by Jo Hoestlandt. Our outcome will be a short story with a flashback included.


In Guided Reading, in Autumn 1, we will be exploring the books When We Were Warriors by Emma Carroll and Poems from the Second World War selected by Gaby Morgan. These will link with our English book Star of Fear, Star of Hope. We will be developing our responses to longer explanation questions and using our summarising skills to respond quickly. In Autumn 2, we will be reading The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. We will be learning to develop out inference skills based on character, setting and plot.

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We follow the Power Maths scheme of work, where we have opportunities to complete guided practice and work independently to tackle fluency and reasoning challenges.

We want your children to become competent mathematicians and to have a good understanding of numbers and maths calculations (+, -, x and ÷). Please help your child to count in steps and practise times tables at home. It is important that you support your child’s basic mathematical skills at home, such as: money, learning to tell the time, different measures and their times table knowledge.


How has migration impacted on Britain since 1066?

During the first half of the Autumn term, we will explore the above question. In order to answer this effectively, we will take a look back through different periods in history to contextualise our learning. We will explore what the term ‘migration’ and the significance of the date ‘1066’. We will move through time and consider whether the notion of migration has changed since 1066 and thus had varying impact on Britain.


In Autumn. we will be focusing on ‘Light’. Within this exciting topic, we are exploring all things light and as part of this we will be working scientifically by conducting investigations.


We will consider different light sources and ask ourselves the questions 'How does light travel?' and 'How is light reflected?'  We will also explore shadows and consider transparency, translucency and opaqueness



Reading: Three times a week (record on Boom Reader, formerly GoRead).

Spelling: Three times a week (Test on Friday afternoon).

Times Tables: Focus on learning your times tables and becoming secure. Children have their login details for TTRS.

Complement this with use of where you can practise individual times tables as well as complete a timed quiz of all times tables. 


To find a wide range of online FREE books to read

A website which includes lots of interactive Maths games

This website will take you to the learning that we are carrying out this term in maths lessons.

A brilliant website to practice mental arithmetic. 



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