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Physical Education at St. Michael's Community Academy is fun, energetic and inspirational for all of the children!




Children at St. Michael's Community Academy participate in a wide range of sporting activities through a varied and exciting PE curriculum.  We are very proud of our extensive range of after school clubs and our many sporting successes. We were awarded the prestigious School Games Platinum Award in 2019, and are looking forward to renewing this in 2022.


The PE curriculum is delivered by two PE specialists, who also deliver CPD to all staff so they understand how children make progress in PE. All lessons are designed to be incredibly fun whilst aiding children’s physical development and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


The early years programme of study compliments the EYFS guidelines and is designed to improve children’s agility, balance and coordination in an incredibly fun environment.  Sessions are brought to life by using a wide range of resources and media, to ensure children are enthused by physical activity and engaged in wider learning.

Music plays a massive part in the children’s learning and how they react to sound whilst learning and competing at this age. We also want them to be as adventurous as possible when trying out new ways of learning and sports that we teach e.g. trampolining, gym, high bars and our climbing wall.

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Children are given the opportunity to continue their physical development in a range of increasingly challenging and competitive situations. The activities still relate to wider themes across the national curriculum complimenting the children’s development in agility, balance, coordination and dance.


Key skills acquired in Key Stage 1 continue to be developed through a combination of gymnastics, dance, invasion games, striking and fielding, net/wall games, athletics and if the children are working at a high level then an outwitting opponents SOW whereby the children are linking year 6 criteria to what they may be doing in high school.


There are many opportunities for children to participate in after school clubs with a sporting focus and some which provide challenge and entertainment for those children with hobbies outside of school not in a sporting environment. 

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All primary schools receive an additional yearly PE Premium grant from the Government. This extra funding is intended to heighten the effectiveness of PE provision in schools, and it is at the school’s discretion as to how the additional funding is spent.

Our school’s intention is to use the additional funding to improve the quality of teaching of PE, as well as engaging our children in high quality sporting activities, both curricular, extra-curricular and providing the children with experiences they may not get to do outside and beyond primary school.

 PE Statement of Intent

 PE & Sports Action Plan

Evaluated PE & Sports Funding Report

Evaluated PE & Sports Funding Report


We are looking forward to welcoming parents back into school again for our Summer Sports Days! As ever, these events need to be planned well in advance and will be dependent on the great British weather... The first choice and "reserve" dates are listed below:

  • Tuesday 28th June: Reception and KS1 Sports Day

  • Wednesday 29th June: KS2 Sports Day

  • Thursday 30th June: Nursery Sports Day

  • Monday 11th July: Reception and KS1 (Reserve Date)

  • Tuesday 12th July: KS2 (Reserve Date)

  • Wednesday 13th July: Nursery (Reserve Date)

All events will be in the afternoon. Further details of the arrangements will be sent out to parents after we return from the Summer half-term holiday.


Thursday 5th May (12pm-4pm) - Year 3/4 Football 

Wednesday 18th May(3:30pm- 5:30pm)- Quad Kids year 5/6 

Monday 13th June(10am-12pm) - Games for all - Inclusive group 

Wednesday 15th June (5pm-8pm) - Town Sports Field events 

Wednesday 22nd June (5pm-8pm) Town Sports Track events 

Monday 27th June (12:45pm- 2:45pm) Cricket Skills