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Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at St. Michael's Community Academy Academy. We have 5 classes in our EYFS department:

- Snuggly Bugs (2 year olds)

- Main Nursery (3/4 year olds: 2 classes - Full/Part Time)

- Reception (2 classes)

In our early years settings we provide a range of vibrant and stimulating environments to engage children with their education, and we strive to ensure that the children get the best possible start to their school life by providing a fun, safe, purposeful and engaging curriculum. Our Early Years department is graded as Outstanding by Ofsted.


The Foundation Stage Curriculum is based on seven areas of learning consisting of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World.

All children learn across the seven areas of learning and they learn through their play with a combination of child initiated and teacher led learning opportunities both indoors and in our amazing outdoor areas.  Children are observed during play in order to assess their stage of development and in order to plan for their next steps and their future learning.


At St. Michael's we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges, engages and motivates children to learn independently. The EYFS environment inspires the children to make their own choices and enables them to demonstrate the characteristics of effective learning.

Playing and exploring

Being willing to have a go

Keep trying

Having their own ideas

Finding out and exploring

Playing with what they know

Active learning

Being involved and concentrating

Enjoy achieving what they set out to do

Creating and thinking critically

Making links

Your Unique Child

Each child is unique and we respect individuality and encourage independence whilst making learning fun and memorable through purposeful play. The highly qualified and experienced staff plan exciting and innovative activities based on their thorough knowledge of the children’s stage of development and interests. Our provision is further advanced by special visitors including community police officers, mini-beast specialist and planned external visits that develop knowledge and understanding of the world.

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We promote learning through play as we value its importance. Young children learn best when they explore and experience things first-hand, often in playful ways. Play is essential to development as it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity and physical strength. Play is also important to healthy brain development as it enables children to learn about themselves, their environment and the world around them.

Learning and development opportunities are planned around each child’s needs and interests. These are regularly assessed and reviewed. Adults respond to individual needs and interests, and guide development through warm, positive interactions in an encouraging, stimulating and a well-resourced indoor and outdoor environment. Our team is experienced in supporting children to make the most of learning opportunities, whilst consistently challenging and extending learning through skillful interaction. The EYFS team sensitively scaffold, support and enhance the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding.

Throughout our EYFS, you will find happy and vibrant  learning environments where all children are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Children have daily access to well-planned indoor and out-door learning environments.  Our provision provides children with opportunities to be active and physical as well as quiet and reflective. If you would like to arrange a visit our Outstanding setting, please contact the school office on (01270) 902056.




Here at St. Michael's we aim to deliver the content of the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, giving children a secure foundation and enabling them to 'live life in all its fullness'. 


Learning takes place through a balance of child initiated play and adult led learning. This includes the direct teaching of reading, writing and maths and daily opportunities for children to practice and consolidate their growing knowledge through high quality provision that promotes child- initiated learning.


At St. Michael's  we aim for our pupils to become unique individuals who form positive relationships with both adults and peers. We strive for our children to become independent, curious learners who explore, take risks and ask meaningful questions.  We aim to ensure that our children are confident learners who are ready for the next stage in their learning journey.



St. Michael's Community Academy Nursery provides places for children from the term after their 2nd birthday (free places for eligible 2 year old children) until they start Reception. 


From the start of the term following their 3rd birthday, all children are entitled to a free 15 hour place and can choose a morning or afternoon session. Some families will be eligible for a free 30 hours place if both parents are working, subject to criteria. Click HERE to check eligibility.


We place the child at the heart of everything we do and are passionate about providing your child with the best possible start in life. All staff are extremely dedicated and ensure children have a safe, caring and happy learning environment. We believe in working very closely with parents as they know their child better than anyone else. We understand that childhood is a very special time and we make sure we provide opportunities for children to explore; investigate and build relationships to ensure each child reaches their full potential.


We see parents/carers as having an important role in their child’s education and staff meet regularly with them to discuss their children's needs.  We also provide regular parent/carer workshops on phonics, reading and maths and how to support their children at home.  Our regular topic afternoons are particularly well attended and parents/carers/aunties/uncles and grandparents have all been known to thoroughly enjoy sharing the activities on offer and the opportunity to work with their children. 

We are committed to giving our children the best possible start to their school life. We work in partnership with parents, carers and families to ensure their well-being and success in the future.

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Snuggly Bugs (2yr olds)


Main Nursery (3&4 Year Olds)